Machine Learning using Python Training in Marathahalli

Machine Learning is an Artificial intelligence (AI) technique to make the software or application to recognize the vast data and determine the next course of action or task automatically. Complex algorithms and some set of predefined rules are applied here to enable this function. Supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, Semi-supervised machine learning, semi-supervised learning and reinforcement machine learning are some of the commonly used machine learning methods. Common languages like Python and R can be used to do customized analytics and data manipulation modules within the Machine Learning environment. Five major stages of machine learning process are data collection, data preparation, data modeling, data model testing and performance monitoring. It can be applicable in many real-time environments like healthcare domain, tagging features in social networks, face recognition and spam detection of mailboxes.

Machine Learning using Python Job Opportunities

  • Machine Learning jobs are especially suitable for the people, who have skills in statistics, data mining, reporting/visualization, classified algorithms, supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
  • Having Machine Learning experience with deep learning, C, NLP, C++, Java and Python can be a feather on your cap and get you as a Machine Learning expert.
  • Having Machine Learning as a co-skill along with business analysis, Python and SQL can get you a job as a Data Scientist.
  • Having Machine Learning as a co-skill along with neural networks, C C++, Python, Bayesian and predictive analytics can get job as Research Analyst.
  • Having Machine Learning as a co-skill along with Hadoop, NoSQL and Python can get job as Technology Architect.
  • JP Morgan, Accenture, Oracle, Capgemini, Intel, Amazon, Qualcomm, Phillips, TIBCO are some of the companies that hire for Machine Learning experts.
    Expand your Machine Learning job opportunities and maximize the chances by acquiring the best support and training from TIB Academy.
Machine Learning With Python in Marathahalli

I Joined for Machine Learning With Python in TIB. Training was clear and practical oriented session .They help me with resume building and interview sessions.

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Prerequisites for Machine Learning using Python

  • No prerequisites to learn Machine Learning using Python.
  • If you are already familiar with python programming and basic statistics, this course will be easier for you to learn. Otherwise, our experienced professionals are here to teach you and coach you from the Python and Machine learning fundamentals.

Our Machine Learning using Python Training and Support

TIB Academy is one of the best Python with Machine learning training institutes in Marathahalli. Our trainers are highly experienced  professionals. Currently, they are all working in top rated MNCs and Corporates, carrying years of real time industrial experience in their particular technologies. In this Python with Machine learning training in Marathahalli, you will be experiencing a unique learning environment. Our Python with Machine learning syllabus includes statistics, workflow, data mining, reporting / visualization, Python fundamental, classified algorithms, supervised, unsupervised machine learning algorithms and lot more. For the detailed Python with Machine learning course syllabus, please check below.
Usually, our Python with Machine learning training sessions are scheduled during weekday mornings (7AM – 10AM), weekday evenings (7PM – 9:30PM) and weekends (flexible timings). We do provide Python with Machine learning classroom course and Python with Machine learning online course, both on weekdays and weekends based upon the student’s preferred time slots.
You will surely enhance your technical skills and confidence via this Python with Machine learning training. Our connections and networks in the job market will help you to achieve your dream job easily. Compared to other training institutes, we are offering the best Python with Machine learning training course in Marathahalli, Bangalore, where you can get the best Python with Machine learning training and placement guidance for reasonable and affordable cost.

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Machine Learning Using Python Training in Marathahalli Syllabus

1. Testing Fundamentals

  • Software Testing – Introduction – Importance
  • Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing
  • SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)
  • STLC (Software Testing Lifecycle)

2. Types of Testing

  • Introduction to manual testing.
  • Introduction to Automation testing.
  • White box\ and Black box testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Smoke and Sanity Testing
  • Regression Testing.
  • Non-Functional Testing.

3. Test Case Development

  • Introduction to Test Case Development.
  • Test Scenario
  • Test Case Specifications
  • Test Basis
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Tips and Tricks to Create Test Data
  • Creation of Sample test case with explanation and important fields.

4. Testing Techniques

  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis
  • Decision Table Testing
  • State Transition Diagram
  • Use Case Testing.
  • Error guessing.

5. Test Management & Control

  • Estimation
  • Test Plan
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Environment for Software Testing

6. Defects

  • Defects
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Testing Tools

7. Agile

  • Introduction to Agile methodology.
  • Types of Agile process (Lean, Kanban, Scrum, XP)
  • Scrum Testing
  • Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe).

8. White Box Testing

  • Introduction to White Box Testing.
  • Static Testing
  • Cyclomatic Complexity

9. FAQs

10. Interview preparations and Mock interviews.

11. Live Project

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