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Tableau Training in Marathahalli

Learn how to use Tableau from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. With our Tableau Training in Marathahalli you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner.

What is Tableau?

Tableau provides best analytical experience for end user based on data visualization science. It is also recognized as leader in analytical software by Gartner research and in 2015 as outlier. Tableau® prides itself on what it calls being “Rapid Fire Intelligence”; we call it being all about the journey of data exploration and discovery by taking an analyst-like approach. Tableau allows you to move quickly through data and ask a number of different questions in a number of different ways.

Why Tableau?

Technological advances have made data visualization more prevalent and powerful than ever before, increasing the importance of business intelligence. Tableau® leads the world in making the data visualization process available to business users of every background and industry. It gives all data Scientists, an ability to visualize data effectively and leads directly to better understanding, insight and better business decisions. It is also for Non IT Managers & Professionals having no prior programming knowledge as it has an amazingly wonderful user interface which makes learning & working on it very easy.

Here are some reasons as why tableau is worth learning: –

    • Speed to Market
    • Tableau Does Big Data
    • Stunning, Interactive Visualizations
    • Compatibility across Multiple Platforms
    • Tableau Does Any Data (Hadoop, Teradata, Excel, Google Analytics, SAP etc)

What do we do at JN GLOBAL?

To align ourselves with the industry’s best practices is what we always aim for. Following our passion to play around data we have understood that Tableau® is one of the best business Intelligence software package available in the market and is a must for all aspiring as well as experienced Professionals who work with data in some form or other. We at JN GLOBAL train such professionals to make their data meaningful and insightful using Tableau.

Whom Tableau is suitable for?

Tableau® is suitable for IT Professionals (Developers, Analysts, Consultants,Managers) as well as Non IT Managers and consultants who desire to bring more insight to their data. A must have tool for all Data Scientists as It gives you the power to do wonders with your data.

All topics will be covered with in-depth concepts and corresponding practical programs.

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Tableau Training Syllabus

 What is Business Intelligence?
 Business Domains.
 What is data?
 Basic Sql Knowledge.
 Data Warehouse.
 Fact Tables
1.Additive, semi Additive And Non-additive Fact tables
 Dimension Tables
1. SCD1, SCD2, SCD3.
2. Roll play Dimension
3. Conform Dimension.
4. Flattened Dimension
1. Star Schema.
2. Snowflake Schema.
 Data warehouse Architecture.
 Tableau Architecture.
 Graphs and Maps.

Individual Axis.
 Dual Axis.
 Blended Axis.

1. Data source filter.
2. Normal filter.
3. Quick filter.
4. Context filter.
5. Cascading filter.
6. Filter Action.
1. Number functions.
2. String functions.
3. Date functions.
4. Logical functions.
5. Aggregate functions.
 Calculated Fields.
 Table Calculations.

1. Trend lines.
2. Forecasting.
3. Reference lines.
 Text table.
 Tableau Formatting.
1. Filter Action.
2. Highlight Action.
3. URL.
 LOD Expressions.
 Edit Axis.
 Page Shelf.
 Drop Lines.

 Data Connections.

1. Live.
2. Extract.
 Data Refresh.
 Data join.
 Data Blending.
 Custom Charts.
1. Donut Chart.
2. Pareto Chart.
3. Water Fall Model.
4. Funnel Chart.
5. Bar in a Bar chart.
6. Lollypop chart.
 How Add images in Filled Map.
 Difference between 8.X & 9.X series.
 Project Flow.
 Most frequently Interview Questions(Topic wise).
 How to face interview without fear.
 Resume Preparations.


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