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The .NET is an open source cross platform from Microsoft, which can be used to build dynamic web applications, web services, mobile applications, desktop applications, gaming, IoT, cloud services and lot more. .NET Framework, .NET Enterprise Servers, Building block services and Visual Studio .NET are the core technologies of .NET platform. It simplifies software development (Windows or WEB) by building XML Web services applications. C# is the modern and general purpose language, approved by ECMA and ISO.

.NET Job Opportunities

  • .NET is suitable for the freshers and beginners, who are passionate to work on web application development.
  • If you already have idea on MVC, JavaScript and AngularJS, then .NET can be an add-on to distinguish your profile from many others. You will be equipped to find Java developer opportunities easily.
  • Having strong ASP.NET experience with MySQL or SQL Server or Oracle can be a feather on your cap to get .NET developer/architect job.
  • Having .NET as a co-skill with SQL Server, Win forms can get you a job as a Software engineer.
  • Having strong ASP.NET experience with SQL Server, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 can get you .NET Backend developer roles.
  • Having strong .NET as a co-skill with SharePoint can get you a job as a .NET SharePoint developer.
  • Once you gained a few years of experience in .NET as a co-skill along with ADO.NET, JQuery, MVC and bootstrap will make you eligible to be a .NET Full Stack developer.
  • JP Morgan, Accenture, Capgemini, Aricent, Philips, Iris, HCL, KPMG, FIS, GE, Hexaware, E&Y, Datamatics are some of the companies that hire for .NET developers.
    Expand your .NET job opportunities and maximize the chances by acquiring the best support and training from TIB Academy.
Best .Net Training Institute in Marathahalli

TIB Academy offers  hands on training in .NET course. It offers excellent subject coverage and friendly staff. Trainers are easily approachable. Their schedules are flexible with your time and you get training at low fee. They provide you three kinds of training. classroom, online and weekend class. You can choose whatever you want according to your flexible time.

classroom IT training in marathahalli
online IT Training in marathahalli

Prerequisites for .NET

  • NO Prerequisites to learn .NET. Anyone who is interested in .NET and web app development can learn this course easily.
  • Basic understanding on programming syntax and C/C++ will be beneficial.
  • If you are ready proceed with MVC.NET, XML and AngularJS course, to become an efficient .NET developer / Web app developer.
  •  If you are completely new to .NET, our experienced professionals are here to teach you and coach you from the .NET fundamentals.

Our .NET Training and Support

TIB Academy is one of the best .NET training institutes in Marathahalli. Our trainers are highly experienced  professionals. Currently, they are all working in top rated MNCs and Corporates, carrying years of real time industrial  experience in their particular technologies. In this .NET training in Marathahalli, you will be experiencing a unique learning  environment. Our .NET syllabus includes .NET framework, C#, classes & objects, namespace, arrays, collections & generics, file I/O streams, remoting & reflection, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, web forms and lot more. For the detailed .NET course syllabus, please check below.
Usually, our .NET training sessions are scheduled during weekday mornings (7AM – 10AM), weekday evenings (7PM – 9:30PM) and weekends (flexible timings). We do provide .NET classroom course and .NET online course, both on weekdays and weekends based upon the student’s preferred time slots.
You will surely enhance your technical skills and confidence with this .NET training. Our connections and networks in the job market will help you achieve your dream job easily. Compared to other training institutes, we are offering the best .NET training course in Marathahalli, Bangalore, where you can get the best .NET training and placement guidance for reasonable and affordable cost.

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.NET Training in Marathahalli Syllabus

1. .Net Framework

  • CLR, CLS & CTS
  • Compilation process in .NET
  • Assemblies & Versioning

2. C#

  • Language Syntax
  • Data Types, Variables & Operators
  • Conditional Statements & Looping Structures
  • Garbage Collection and Finalization
  • Exception Handling

3. Classes & Objects

  • Classes and Objects
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Structures, Enumerations
  • Boxing & Unboxing


  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Data Abstraction

5. Namespace

  • Namespace, Nested Namespace
  • Delegates & Events
  • Properties, Indexer & Indexer Overload
  • Errors and Exceptions

6. Arrays, Collections & Generics

  • Single Dimension Array, Multi Dimension Array
  • Collections
  • Generic Collections

7. File I/O and Streams

  • Working with Directories and Files
  • Read and write file

8. Remoting & Reflection

  • Application Domain
  • MarshalByRef Object
  • Typeof

9. SQL Server

  • Introduction
  • DML DDL Functions
  • Jins & Views
  • Functions & Stored Procedure
  • Triggers & Cursors

10. ADO.NET (Working with Database)

  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Connected vs Disconnected Architecture
  • Data Connection Object
  • Data Command Object
  • Data Adapter Object
  • Data Readers
  • Data Sets & Data Adapters
  • Structure of Dataset
  • Execute Non Query
  • Execute Reader
  • Execute Scalar

11. ASP.NET 4.0

  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Client / Server Technology
  • Understanding Web Server IIS

12. Page Life Cycle

  • Global.asax
  • Web.config
  • Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net

13. Web Form

  • Web Control Class
  • Creating Web Forms Application
  • Handling Images
  • Navigating between Pages
  • Managing Server Controls
  • Server Control Events
  • Using HTML Controls
  • Using Data Controls
  •  Repeater Control

14. Validation Controls

  • ASP.Net validation controls
  • Configuring validation controls

15. State Management

  • Preserving State in Web Applications
  • Using Cookies to Preserve State
  • ASP.NET Session State
  • Application State

16. User Controls

  • Creating User Controls
  • Interacting with User Controls
  • Loading User Controls Dynamically

17. Master Pages & Themes

  • Simple Master Page Nested Master Page
  • Configuring Master Page Creating Themes
  • Applying Themes
  • Applying Stylesheet

18. Uploading Files

  • Using FileUpload Control
  • Setting the location and filename to upload the files

19. Handling Emails

  • Protocols for Email
  • Sending Mails
  • Managing Attachments

20. ASP.NET Web Services

  • Introduction to XML Web services
  • Creating Web Service
  • Setting the Web Service Attribute
  • Test and Run Your Web Service
  • Consuming a Web Service in Client
  • Application
  • Consuming a Third Party Web service

21. Deployment

  • Publishing Web Applications.
  • Create Web Setup Project.

.Net Interview Questions

  1. What is .NET?
  2. How many languages .NET is supporting now?
  3. What is an IL?
  4. What is code access security (CAS)?
  5. What is Difference between NameSpace and Assembly?
  6. Mention the execution process for managed code.
  7. What is Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)?
  8. What is managed extensibility framework?
  9. Which method do you use to enforce garbage collection in .NET?
  10. What is the difference between int and int32.
  11. What are tuples?
  12. What is the full form of ADO?
  13. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?
  14. What is the meaning of object pooling?
  15. Mention the namespace that is used to include .NET Data Provider for SQL server in .NET code.
  16. Which architecture does Datasets follow?
  17. What is the role of the DataSet object in ADO.NET?
  18. Which property is used to check whether a DataReader is closed or opened?
  19. Name the method that needs to be invoked on the DataAdapter control to fill the generated DataSet with data?
  20. What are the pre-requisites for connection pooling?
  21. Which adapter should you use, if you want to get the data from an Access database?
  22. What are different types of authentication techniques that are used in connection strings to connect .NET applications with Microsoft SQL Server?
  23. What are the parameters that control most of connection pooling behaviors?
  24. What is AutoPostBack?
  25. What is the function of the ViewState property?
  26. Which properties are used to bind a DataGridView control?
  27. What is the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET?
  28. In which event are the controls fully loaded?
  29. How can we identify that the Page is Post Back?
  30. Which is the parent class of the Web server control?
  31. What are the advantages of the code-behind feature?
  32. Define a multilingual Web site.
  33. What is IIS? Why is it used?
  34. How can you register a custom server control to a Web page?
  35. Which ASP.NET objects encapsulate the state of the client and the browser?
  36. Differentiate globalization and localization.
  37. What is ViewState?
  38. Which method is used to force all the validation controls to run?
  39. What does the Orientation property do in a Menu control?
  40. Differentiate between client-side and server-side validations in Webpages.
  41. What is garbage collection?
  42. What is serialization?
  43. Where do you add an event handler?
  44. What do you mean by authentication and authorization?
  45. What is portable executable (PE) ?
  46. Differences between DLL and EXE?
  47. What is shadowing?
  48. What is Method Overriding? How to override a function in C#?
  49. Differences between dataset.clone and dataset.copy?
  50. What is the managed and unmanaged code in .net?
  51. Whats an assembly?
  52. How do you create a permanent cookie?
  53. What’s a Windows process in .NET?
  54. What is Delegation in .NET?
  55. What is Serialization in .NET?
  56. Difference between Class And Interface in .NET?
  57. Can any object be stored in a Viewstate in .NET?
  58. What is the use of ErrorProvider Control in .NET?
  59. How do you validate the controls in an ASP .NET page?
  60. How to manage pagination in a page using .NET?
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