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by Prakash on Blank Business Name
Spring Training

Training was very effective and good.My trainer is having 10+ yrs experience on java and advance java.he inspired me to learn spring. His teaching mechanics are good.I really Improved my skills on Spring and I'm confidently working on this framework. Now, I'm planning to join for one more course(AngularJS) in TIB. Hopefully waiting for one more worth Training.

by Dinesh on Blank Business Name
Thanks to TIB

The trainer was really good in making us clear about the concepts of data science practically and theoretically. He motivated and inspired me to learn new things.He provided regular feedback on my progress and guided me very well in my practical works. really a great thanks to TIB.

by Vijay M on Blank Business Name

My Trainer was excellent in training and clearing all our doubts and questions.He was flexible with the timings and co-operative.he has an excellent grip on the topics which helps us to understand the things very well. JOB WELL DONE.

by Arun K on Blank Business Name
Core Java

Being a fresher, I wanted to have more hands-on kind of experience. As per my expectations,My Trainer,Dharani took classes in effective and interactive way.Now I'm skilled enough to do programming without the guidance of anyone.

by Archana on Blank Business Name

I have done both the Administrator and developer part here.Trainer was upto the mark. As I'm the fresher,he helped me a lot with job oriented Programs like Technical Quiz,Mock Interviews,Real-time Projects and Resume Building.That really gives me the confident to try for the Job.TIB helps me to mould myself with both the technical and non-technical skills.THANK YOU TIB.

by Suparna on Blank Business Name
Spring Training

I'm already working on the same technology.I had some technical stuffs, But I didn't have a proper work experience with Spring. So I need a guide to help me with more practical Sessions. As expected,I had a good training with more practical and interactive sessions in TIB.Finally, He also helps me with one elaborate session. In that session,almost I have cleared all my doubts. Thank you Sumanth for helping me a lot.


we got adequate support and materials from the trainer. He provided 2 to 3 assignments for every week. That really helps me in getting detailed knowledge. My main intention is to get certified in REDHAT. He also helped me according to the certification prospective with Blueprints,materials and mock exams.Thank You very much sir.

by Sridhar on Blank Business Name
R Programming

I gained knowledge on statistical concepts and applications.The trainer provides me the knowledge on industrial requirements based on data analytics and R software which works on multiple algorithms. That helps me a lot while preparing for my interviews. He is very approachable and knowledgeable about the subject.Overall I had a good learning experience.

by Shivam on Blank Business Name
Cloud Computing

I'm really satisfied with the training. The learning environment was really good with sufficient air circulation,lighting,free WiFi,clean classrooms and toilets.The Sessions were on time.Frequently,Our trainer use to give more assignments related to real-time scenarios,that triggers me to start self-learning and made me strong in the technical side. 

by Mallikarjuna on Blank Business Name
Machine Learning

Did a great job...The course was really helpful for me to understanding the concepts of machine learning in detail. As a beginner, I was bit scared at the initial stage. but my trainer helps me from the basics and made me comfort & confident with the tool.I would like to recommend TIB to my friends who wants to improve knowledge on any software technologies.

by Ananya on Blank Business Name
Tabieau Class Room Training

Kishor put his best and hard efforts to help me understand Tableau as a B.I tool, as I was just a novice when I came to TIB Academy. Kishor gave his best efforts in sharing and working on real time project aspects and technicals, which had helped me and will help me in future to work more efficiently in the Corporate World.

by Abhishek on Blank Business Name

The trainer was informative and completed the sessions on time. he always seems willing to help and clear our doubts.he supported us in  practical works.Overall, I can say that the training was fine.

by Pradeep on Blank Business Name
Amazon Web Services

I had fast-track course on AWS(Solution Architect). Even-though that is the Fast-track session, I didn't felt anything fast and not understanding. The tutor covered all the topics of the syllabus and provided adequate practical training. I'm really satisfied with the time adjustments which are made by the TIB management according to my convenience. 

by Keerthi on Blank Business Name

Hi,My name is Keerthi and I have completed python course in TIB.At the beginning the response was very good.Mr.Sam gave me all the required information through phonen and asked me to meet directly for furthur assistance,I went there,met the trainer & joined immediated.Now I have completed the course & get placed in a good company with decent salary.Thank You TIB.