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Informatica is a leading tool available in market to do effective data management. It is a prominent ETL tool and it can pair with Oracle database easily to perform Business Intelligence applications. Some of the important features are its cloud services, data integration, data quality, master data management and data security management. ETL means Extract, Transform and Load. In the data collection stage ETL can perform effective forecasting, data extraction and data manipulation for both semi-structured and unstructured data. Informatica provides self-service data integration and reduces the rollout time for data reporting and data migration. These merits attract many data analysts and developers.

Informatica Job Opportunities

  • Make yourself strong in data management, ETL and data analysis to find opportunities for “Informatica Developer” jobs.
  • Start learning Unix, Oracle PL/SQL along with Informatica. You can make yourself eligible for “Informatica developer / BI developer” jobs.
  • If you have strong Shell scripting, Linux and Windows skills with Informatica, then you can find opportunities for “Senior Software Engineer” jobs.
  • If you have strong Informatica experience and practical knowledge in SQL and Cognos, you can get job as BI Consultant.
  • JP Morgan, Accenture, Informatica, IBM, Capgemini, SLK, Oracle, NTT, PwC and consulting companies like Virtusa are some of the companies hire for Informatica developers.
    Expand your Informatica job opportunities and maximize the chances by acquiring the best support and training from TIB Academy.
Best Informatica Training Institute in Marathahalli

Informatica is a  popular data warehousing software. You can get an excellent Informatica training with TIB Academy. They provide you live online class and good classroom training. Trainers are working professionals with 6+ years of experience. They assist you to clear your doubts and give you tips to deal with interviews. All of these you can get at low training fee.

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Prerequisites for Informatica

  • Basic RDBMS knowledge.
  • If you are already familiar with the above, this course will be easier for you to learn. Otherwise, our experienced professionals are here to teach you and coach you from the Informatica fundamentals.

Are you a beginner? Evaluate yourself with the following basic prerequisite questions.

1. What is Business Intelligence(BI)?
2. What are the process of BI?
3. What is meant by data warehousing?
4. What is meant by Data Integration?

Our Informatica Training and Support

TIB Academy is the best Informatica training institute in Marathahalli. Our trainers are highly experienced professionals. Currently, they are all working in top rated MNCs and Corporates, carrying years of real time industrial experience in their particular technologies. In this Informatica training in Marathahalli, you will be experiencing a unique learning  environment. Our Informatica syllabus includes data warehousing, business intelligence, ETL process, data mining, data extraction, load planning, performance tuning, workflow scheduling and lot more. For the detailed Informatica course syllabus, please check below.
Usually, our Informatica training sessions are scheduled during weekday mornings (7AM – 10AM), weekday evenings (7PM – 9:30PM) and weekends (flexible timings). We do provide Informatica classroom training and Informatica online training, both on weekdays and weekends based upon the student’s preferred time slots.

You will surely enhance your technical skills and confidence via this Informatica training. Our connections and networks in the job market will help you to achieve your dream job easily. Compared to other training institutes, we are offering the best Informatica training course in Marathahalli, Bangalore, where you can get the best Informatica training and placement guidance for reasonable and affordable cost.

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Informatica Training in Marathahalli Syllabus

1. Data warehouse Concepts

  • What is Data Warehouse?
  • Data Warehouse Architecture (Basic)
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Dimension
  • Fact
  • Slowly Changing Dimension

2.Introduction to Informatica PowerCenter

  • PowerCenter 9 architecture
  • Extraction, Transformation and loading process
  • Power Center tools

3.PowerCenter Components

  • Designer
  • Repository Manager
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Monitor

4.Informatica Concepts and Overview

  • Informatica Architecture.
  • Transformations
  • Active and Passive Transformations
  • Mappings
  • Mapplets
  • Sessions
  • Tasks

5. Sources

  • Relational Tables (Oracle)
  • Flat Files (fixed width, Delimiter Files)
  • Xml Files


  • Working with Relational Targets
  • Working with flat file Targets


  • Expression
  • Lookup
  • Sequence Generator
  • Filter
  • Joiner
  • Sorter
  • Stored Procedure
  • Union
  • Router
  • Aggregator
  • Update Strategy
  • Expression
  • Debugging Mappings

8.Mappings & Mapplets

  • Mapping Variables & Parameters
  • Working with Mapping Wizards

9.Workflow Manager

  • Workflows, Worklets
  • Session Task, Email task, Decision task, Event wait & Event raise, Assignment task, Command task

10.Performance Tuning

  • Partition – Pipeline, Dynamic
  • Informatica Tuning (Source, target, mapping & Session)

Informatica Interview Questions

  1. What is Informatica exactly?
  2. How does ETL work in Informatica?
  3. What are the developer tools within Informatica?What is a transformation?
  4. What is the Integration Service?
  5. What are reusable schedules?
  6. What is the difference between abort and stop?
  7. What is the Look up function?
  8. What are the index and data caches?
  9. What are batches and sessions?

Informatica Interview Questions - Advanced Topics

1.When using the sorter transformation to sort a very large data set, additional RAM resources may be required to accommodate the data. Which machine would provide this RAM?

2.When a sorter transformation is included in a Mapping that is run in a Workflow, when does the data sort occur?

3.By default, the Aggregator data RAM cache size is 2 Mbytes, and the index RAM cache is 1 Mbyte. What would happen if a user ran a session that required a data RAM cache of 3 Mbytes and the data cache size was left at the default?

4.Can a Source Qualifier be used to perform an outer join when joining two database tables?

5.Under what circumstances should a user override the default Source Qualifier join?

6.Which situation would always cause a mapping to be invalid?

7.A developer wishes to connect two ports that have different data types. Is this allowed?

8.Under what circumstances can a Target definition be edited from the Mapping Designer, within the mapping where that Target definition is being used?

9.A developer has used the Flat File Wizard to create a fixed-width flat file source definition. This source definition is used in several mappings. The next day, she discovers that the actual flat file that will be accessed by the Informatica server will be comma delimited. What action, if any, should be taken?

10.A user is attempting to link a port on the left to another port in a different transformation on the right. The Designer will not establish the connector link (blue arrow). What are the possible reasons for this?

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