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Pentaho Training in Marathahalli

We are the best providers of Pentaho Training in Marathahalli with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions.

What is Pentaho?

Pentaho® is the open source software for Business Intelligence. It provides end to end business analytics solution with help of interactive information driven visualizations, reports, cubes and data integration techniques. Pentaho Data Integration prepares and blends powerful data that drives actionable insights.

Why Pentaho?

Pentaho helps today’s leading businesses to make faster and better business decisions. So coping ourselves with the growing trends helps to survive for a long term in this competitive IT market. It helps to increase your retension and career opportunities by driving transformation and growth in your organization.

What we do at Training Marathahalli for Pentaho?

Our practical instructor led training programmes with career driven syllabus helps young enthusiasts to achieve theire career goals in their respective fields

Who should go for this course?

This course is a foundation to all those enthusiasts who aspires career in Business Intelligence (BI). This course is recommeded for Business Analyst, BI developer, Data Scientist, DW programmer, Solution Architect who could gain mileage out of this course in their respective fields as Pentaho can make them aware of its potential in building a integrated solution.

This course introduces the Pentaho® Business Analytics suite of products to non-technical users who rely on business intelligence solutions to make informed business decisions.

Career Opportunities after Pentaho BI course?

A Google trend says that exponential growth of Jobs in Pentaho. Check Top Job websites for Pentaho Jobs

  • Indeed: 700+
  • Simplyhired: 1200+
  • linkedin: 600+
  • Naukri: 500+

Pentaho Training Syllabus:

Dealing with repository

      • Importance of repository and its usage
      • Creating a repository
      • Types of repositories and their specific usage
      • Taking the backup of repositoryRestoring the repository

Dealing with Transformations

      • Creating simple transformations
      • Saving the transformation to the repository
      • Executing the transformation
      • Introduction to basic steps (various input,output,transformation steps)  Understanding Steps In Detail
      • Use of various input steps
      • Use of various output steps
      • Use of various transformation steps
      • Use of Joins
      • Flow controls available in PDI
      • Lookup data at various sources
      • Data Validation
      • Mappings
      • Regular Expression

Dealing with Jobs

      • Creating jobs
      • Executing transformation using jobs
      • Passing and retrieving data to/from the transformations.
      • Conditional execution of jobs
      • Pre-execution Validation with job.
      • File management through Jobs

Dealing with Variables

      • Creating and using variables within transformation/job
      • How to create variables and how to use them in transformations
      • Where to use variables
      • Scope of variables

Dealing with Parameters

      • Creating and using parameters
      • System parameters
      • User defined parameters

Scheduling of job/transformation

Running & debugging of jobs and transformation,Storing Log Information into log tables

SCD implementation How to implement Slowly Changing Dimension using Pentaho kettle.

CDC Implementation How to implement Change Data capture logic using kettle

Best Practices , Performance Tuning and QA

Pentaho Reporting

      • Creating data source connection(JDBC/JNDI/XML/OLAP/PDI)  Report Template(Headers etc)  Report Formatting
      • Create a report using different types of database connection
      • Create a report using Pentaho OLAP Cube
      • Charts
      • Use of formula
      • Conditional Formatting of Row
      • Conditional Formatting
      • Parameter Creation
      • Use of sub-reports
      • Publish the Reports to BI Server
      • User Level Security
      • Hyperlinking Reports

Pentaho Dashboards

      • Introduction to Pentaho BI Server and Pentaho Enterprise Server
      • Create a DATASOURCE at BI Serer
      • Create Simple Pentaho Dashboard using Pentaho Dashboard Designer
      • Create a drill down dashboard
      • Best Practices

Pentaho Cubes

    • Introduction to Pentaho BI Server and Pentaho Enterprise Server
    • Create a DATASOURCE at BI Server
    • Create Simple Pentaho Dashboard using Pentaho Dashboard Designer.
    • Create a drill down dashboard
    • Best Practices
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